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RF Welding / HF Heat Sealing Systems

1824 Flower Ave.,
Duarte, California 91010,
United States of America

1824 Flower Ave.,
Duarte, California 91010,
United States of America

Recent research has shown that most radio frequency welding (RF) / high frequency (HF) sealing systems have several common problems that have not been addressed due to lack of expertise or lack of the proper tools to deliver superior results.

ONEX RF has developed revolutionary RF welding machines / HF sealing systems using new patented solid-state technology and patent-pending process monitoring software that addresses these problems with precision-built platforms that meet and exceed US and European standards. As a result, ONEX RF delivers increased uptime, reduced maintenance, and the best part quality available every time.

ONEX RF welding machines come in standard as well as custom-designed platforms for RF heat sealing blood bags, IV bags, urine collection, blood pressure cuffs, ostomy bags, and more.

RF welding / HF sealing platforms

ONEX RF welding machines / HF sealing systems operate to high safety standards that meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.

All ONEX RF systems use patented solid-state technology and patent-pending process monitoring software plus the fastest arc-prevention circuit in the world, which eliminates down-time and die repair needs resulted by arc.

One of the unique features of the ONEX RF technology is the ability to auto-save the process parameters including the matched impedance setting for different articles without the need of lengthy process tuning requirements in the future.

Medical RF welders / HF heat sealers

The RF-Shuttle X2 medical RF welder / HF sealer is suitable for large or odd-shaped products with a seal area of 18in x 28in. It features a small footprint design with imbedded generator and unique floating bottom die platform that gets centered by a toggle mechanism to prevent any die misalignment, which in turn eliminates the possibility of port or critical component seal leaks. Custom manual shuttle platforms are also available in different sizes (10in x 20in, 20in x 40in or 18in x 60in) to meet various application needs.

The RF-Roto M41 medical RF welding machine / HF sealer is ideal for medium production runs (500-2,000 articles/hr). It is designed using the same features as the RF-Shuttle X2 RF welder / HF sealer with very high repeatability and process consistency and a precise die positioning mechanism for virtually no port seal leaks.

Medical inline RF / HF sealer

The RF-Galaxy 2 medical inline RF welding machine / HF sealing process is designed for high production runs of 1,000 to 3,000 articles/hr. It offers a fully automated process without the use of operators for manual film or component loading. The RF-Galaxy 2 RF welding line can be customized to meet various customers’ product or process needs. It is designed with the highest industry standards to operate up to 98% OEE versus 50%-80% when compared with vacuum tube style RF sealing processes.

RF welding / HF sealing process monitoring and control software

All ONEX RF welding machines / HF sealing platforms come with PC-based process controller. The systems have the ability to monitor and detect incomplete seals during the welding cycle using the energy calculation method and comparing the final results with the pre-validated energy limit settings.

The RF welding press comes with a four-point seal thickness measuring feature. This can be used to measure die alignment during set-up and can also be used to measure weld thickness to accept or reject the article in parallel with the energy calculations.

The software also records all sealing cycles in a graphical format which can be used to compare various cycles when performing OQ and PQ to achieve the most efficient operating parameters.

Advantages of ONEX RF sealing systems

ONEX RF welding systems offer many advantages:

Reduced downtime and costs: process inconsistency and arcs that damage the dies are reduced as well as the waste of expensive raw materials.

Our sealers seal, the first time: process inconsistency and mechanical misalignments that cause port leaks and incomplete seals have been addressed and, with ONEX RF sealers, improved.

Less set-up time reduces time to market: process control difficulties and process tuning can take hours during the day. Plus, validation (IQ, OQ, PQ) for medical applications can take months. With ONEX RF sealers time for set-up and tuning has been cut by 50% including the validation time and material waste.

Process monitoring reduces risk in the field: our patent-pending monitoring software detects and tags incomplete seals during the RF welding process, practically eliminating the risk of sending a bad part into the field.

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