Ionisos Acquires Scandinavian Clinics Estonia With the Support of Ardian - Verdict Medical Devices
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Ionisos Acquires Scandinavian Clinics Estonia With the Support of Ardian

Ionisos has announced the acquisition of Scandinavian Clinics Estonia, a specialist in sterilisation solutions.


Established in 2005 and based in Harju County, Scandinavian Clinics Estonia is a specialist in gamma ray sterilisation.


Through this acquisition, Ionisos will strengthen its presence in the gamma sector and expand its reach in Eastern and Northern Europe. It will now operate in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and the Baltic States.


CEO of Ionisos Michel Gominet said: “This acquisition is fully in line with our growth

strategy and strengthens our presence in Europe, as well as our expertise in the field of

gamma-ray sterilisation.”


Managing Director of Ionisos Christoph Herkens says: “Ionisos now has a broad geographical reach, including in Spain, France, Germany and the Baltic States. This allows it to service a large area within Europe,”


Head of the Ardian Expansion team François Jerphagnon adds: “This is the fourth external

growth operation carried out by Ionisos since we acquired a majority stake in July 2016. It is

the perfect illustration of Ardian Expansion’s ability to put its expertise and international

network to work in order to take advantage of the best acquisition opportunities. Working

closely with management, we will continue to accelerate the company’s development by

combining organic growth and acquisitions.”

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