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Contract Sterilisation Services for Medical Device Manufacturers

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STERIS Isomedix Services specialises in contract sterilisation, including gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide (EO) and steam sterilisation technologies for the medical device industry.

Gamma irradiation sterilisation services for the medical device industry

STERIS offers sterilisation using gamma and cobalt-60 radiation to kill microorganisms on a range of products.

Processing with gamma yields a quick turnaround time by penetrating packaging and the product. It is also ideal for various types of materials.

Ethylene oxide sterilisation services

STERIS can sterilise medical devices with ethylene oxide, which is a simple chemical compound used for gaseous sterilisation of disposable healthcare products.

A wide range of materials and components used in the manufacture of these products undergo ethylene oxide sterilisation during final packaging configuration.

The company has a network of 19 North American sterilisation facilities that provide complete geographic coverage to meet clients’ needs.

STERIS combines industry-advanced technology and excellent customer service by focusing on efficiency and lower transportation costs.

The company specialises in supply chain solutions, including back-up processing and contingency planning.

Speciality solutions and project management for medical sterilisation

STERIS has dedicated TechTeam professionals available for vital technical support in all phases of the sterilisation design process, including product development, materials testing, protocol generation and validation.

The TechTeam provides alternative and speciality solutions, as well as total project management to address complex sterilisation issues.

The company can help re-validate an existing sterilisation process, develop a new product validation and provide information about required materials for medical devices.

Laboratory testing and validation planning for medical device manufacturers

STERIS offers services through Biotest Laboratories, which includes laboratory testing, validation planning, reusable device testing and steam sterilisation.

Clients are provided with a single source for every stage of the design process such as product development and routine processing.

Biotest Laboratories offers consulting and testing services for reusable medical device cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation, and have access to resources from three unique business segments.

STERIS focuses on the supply chain using SteriLink, an interactive, online service providing complete, real-time visibility into the company’s processing facilities.

SteriLink is designed to decrease time between manufacturing and distribution by allowing clients to monitor inventory, send and receive alerts, review and retrieve historical processing documents, check performance metrics, generate reports and make critical supply chain decisions faster.

About STERIS Isomedix Services

Since 1972, STERIS Isomedix Services has provided a combination of medical technologies, services and dedicated staff to help clients succeed.

The company continually invests in facilities, technology and staff to ensure clients have the best resources.

Biotest Laboratories

Biotest Laboratories makes life-saving products possible through laboratory, reusable device and tissue testing, as well as validation planning, manufacturing, steam sterilisation and packaging services for the medical device industry.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation

Ethylene oxide (EO) is a simple chemical compound commonly used for gaseous sterilisation of disposable healthcare products.

Gamma Irradiation

The gamma sterilisation process uses Cobalt 60 radiation to kill microorganisms on a variety of different products.


Steris TechTeam professionals offer technical support for the sterilisation design process, including product development, materials testing, protocol generation and sterilisation validation.

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