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How Wireless Technologies and IoT Help Automate Shipping and Storage

With the increase in temperature-sensitive medications due to the rise in complex biologics, as well as the increasing demands of compliance with new standards and regulations, there is an increasing need to have a reliable temperature monitoring solution that automates the process to reduce labour and resource drain while increasing cost efficiencies.

These requirements not only involve the storage of these products but also extend to the shipment process. In 2018, one out of every two healthcare products is a temperature-sensitive biologic. Many common practices used in the cold chain today have become outdated, laborious, prone to error or not robust enough to cover the needs of the changing market. As a result of growing regulation and oversight, temperature monitoring is now the minimal standard of care.

By participating in this webinar, you will understand how using wireless monitoring solutions can help meet the changing needs and improve efficiencies throughout the cold chain process. It will address three core requirements of compliance, simplicity, and cost optimization. Through our wireless monitoring solutions, you will be able to access data faster, easier and from anywhere at the click of a mouse and remain compliant with the regulatory requirements.

At the heart of the solution is the Cloud-based architecture, which securely allows access to data by providing automated readings and alerts to appropriate decision makers wherever they are located. By indicating if there is a temperature excursion being detected by the monitoring device during shipment or storage, you will be able to make an informed and rapid decision.

By having access to the data faster this allows for quicker decisions on acceptance or rejection of shipments thus saving time and money. Through the user interface, companies can view, manage, and perform analysis while remaining compliant via full traceability.

For more details on how the Temptime wireless temperature monitors can help you optimise your temperature compliant process please join Temptime’s webinar here. 

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