GM Nameplate and DuPont Display Enhancements Sign Licensing Agreement

GM Nameplate and DuPont Display Enhancements have announced the signing of a licensing agreement through which DuPont Display Enhancements will license its DuPont™ Vertak™ direct bonding technology to GM Nameplate. The DuPont Vertak bonding technology uses proprietary bonding adhesives and processes to bond a variety of substrates and touch sensors directly to the top face of liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). GM Nameplate will be using the Vertak bonding technology to provide its customers with the very latest in display enhancements technology.

When applied to front panels during manufacturing, the Vertak optical bonding technology significantly increases LCD readability in bright sunlight while also providing dramatically improved scratch resistance, impact resistance and overall durability.

“We are pleased to license DuPont Vertak direct bonding technology to GM Nameplate because they have the vision and strategy necessary to succeed in today’s competitive display enhancement environment,” said William S Bandel, global business manager – DuPont Display Enhancements. “We also are able to support them in meeting their customers’ growing optical bonding needs, and share a commitment to continually advance technology to support LCD designs with significantly improved readability and durability.”

“Vertak adhesives combine the benefits of silicone and epoxy while remaining optically clear and highly resistant to yellowing, delamination and bubbling,” stated Gerry Gallagher, vice president of sales and marketing – GM Nameplate. “This technology is ideal for many of the applications meant for use in the harsh environmental conditions inherent in aeronautical, military, medical and industrial environments.”

To learn more about GM Nameplate’s optical bonding capabilities, please visit the company’s website.

DuPont Display Enhancements has been driving advancements in optical bonding for LCD displays through its DuPont Vertak bonding and adhesive materials, services and bonding process know-how for over ten years. With extensive experience in the development, manufacture, sale, licensing and support of display enhancement solutions, DuPont Display Enhancements has enabled displays to be used across a wide variety of LCD applications. To learn more about DuPont Display Enhancements, please visit the company’s website.

DuPont licenses its industry-leading Vertak bonding technology to LCD and touch panel manufacturers who are looking to launch new bonding operations.

DuPont provides a technology transfer package to licensees, which can include consulting, planning, integration of bonding capabilities into existing production facilities, project management, training and service support. DuPont also supplies its high-performance Vertak bonding adhesive to licensees.

Established in 1954, GM Nameplate specializes in the custom design and manufacture of branding components including nameplates, decals, labels and custom panels; electronic input devices such as membrane switches, rubber keypads and touch screens; decorated and molded plastic components; value added assemblies; and large format digital graphics. GM Nameplate is recognized worldwide as a leading international manufacturer that provides products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations every time.

GM Nameplate is a privately owned company with corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company employs nearly 1,000 people throughout facilities in California, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Canada and Asia.

DuPont is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.

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