Rapid Membrane Switch Prototypes from GM Nameplate

GM Nameplate’s quick-turn membrane prototyping is a stand-alone service designed to produce working product. Functional prototypes allow for design evaluations that factor in real-world considerations. Parts produced allow you to test the form, fit and function of your design. Rapid membrane switch prototypes enable customers to verify their design with functional prototypes in seven to ten days.

Receive working mock-ups for design evaluations, internal presentations, trade shows, exhibits, photo shoots or test marketing campaigns. Accelerate design lead times, reduce R&D costs and seamlessly transition your idea from concept to conclusion while GM Nameplate’s manufacturing capabilities enable you to shift from prototype to production.

Our membrane prototyping service capitalizes on many of GM Nameplate’s core capabilities, including digital overlay printing, embossing, silver conductive ink printing, adhesive fabrication and assembly (including domes or surface-mount technology components, LEDs, passive components and connectors).

Membrane switch assembly (including overlay, spacers, circuit and adhesive layers)

  • Price / quantity: $2,500 for five to ten parts (price may increase depending on part complexity)
  • Size: part size (including tail) up to 11in x 17in
  • Materials: standard circuit layer materials are .005in and .007in polyester
  • Standard overlay materials are .005in to .010in velvet-textured polyarbonate
  • Standard spacers and adhesive materials are 3M spacer and adhesive stock (other materials may be available upon request)
  • Traces / pitch: trace widths available as small as .015in on .025in centers
  • Pitch tails: pitch tails available as small as 1mm, for prototypes
  • Crossovers: available for circuits requiring multiple layers of printed conductive ink

GM Nameplate is recognized worldwide as a leading international manufacturer, providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations, every time.

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