GM Nameplate Adds Manufacturing Capability for Force Sensing Resistors

GM Nameplate, a leading manufacturing solutions provider, has announced that it provides custom manufacturing of force sensing resistors (FSR) as a switch option for electronic devices.

FSRs allow a switch to be more than just an on/off device, measuring the pressure in a controlled and predictable way. The switch becomes a sensor of input pressure as well as an on/off device. FSRs provide a switching enhancement capable of detecting various pressure on the switch. Increased pressure causes the resistance between the layers to change in the areas of contact, giving a steady change in input. For example, the harder the input, the faster a cursor moves, volume goes up, pages scroll by. The enhanced functionality of the switch allows greater use of a single input. As devices get smaller and fewer keys can fit on a device, we see this as a key offering. These inputs enable the use of FSRs for medical, industrial, military and entertainment applications where determining varied pressure is needed.

“This switching technology detects physical pressure from stylus or fingertip inputs and even detects data over larger areas, such as detecting the presence of a seat occupant,” stated Steve Baker, national sales manager – Intaq Products, GM Nameplate Washington Division. “We are pleased to expand the lineup of custom switching options available to our customers with the addition of force sensing resistors to our existing capabilities, including touch screens, elastomeric keypads and membrane switches.”

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