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Owen Mumford, a medical device company, has set science-based targets to achieve net-zero by 2045 as part of its sustainability agenda. The company has already taken several sustainable initiatives to improve its operations and reduce emissions, including screening scope three emissions and engaging with raw material suppliers to review their sustainable product offerings. The Malaysian facility now features solar arrays that will generate 420,000kWh and save 288 tonnes of CO2 per year. The company has also installed solar panels at its UK sites that have generated 134,280kWh of clean energy this year to-date. Owen Mumford’s latest filings mentioned the keywords ‘Emissions’ and ‘CO2’ most number of times in relation to ‘Net Zero’.

Owen Mumford has taken steps to reduce its emissions, including using a bespoke lifecycle assessment system to evaluate the environmental impact of its products and concepts. The company has also enhanced its parental leave policies, allowing new mothers to return to their careers at 80% capacity and 100% of their salary. The company's UK and German sites use 100% renewable sources for energy, and energy reduction initiatives have been rolled out and improved across all sites to reduce scope one and two emissions through adaptations like LED lighting and movement sensors. The company aims to move from 40% recycling and 60% energy from waste to 45% recycling and 55% energy from waste this reporting year in the UK, with a long-term goal to reduce by 5% year on year.

The company has also made investments to reduce emissions, such as installing electric car charging points across its German and UK sites, with plans to expand the latter in 2023 to facilitate growing EV usage. Further consolidation of UK and European logistics has saved 16 trailers this year, and the team is in the process of identifying a reusable solution that will allow for pallets to be double-stacked during transportation, potentially reducing the number of sea freight journeys up to a quarter compared with the previous year. The introduction of a direct sea freight option for shipments sent from Malaysia to the US saves 1,067kg of CO2 per container and reduces the distance travelled by 3,169km.

In conclusion, Owen Mumford's sustainability initiatives are driven by its purpose to do business in the right way. The company has achieved B Corp certification and is one of the first medical device companies in the world to do so. The company's new centre of excellence in Witney, Oxfordshire, will be included in the top of buildings assessed through the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. The company's system integrates several impact categories, including global warming, water and land use, and human toxicity, to identify areas of environmental impact across all areas of development and improve the emissions footprint of its product portfolio.

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