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3D Printing: When You Can Make Anything You Need, What Do You Need To Make?

With the ability to 3D print anything from a house to a bionic arm it’s difficult to know when, why and how to best utilise 3D printing, and although the idea of 3D printing has been around for over 30 years there is still the sense that it has not yet reached its full potential.

3D printing is typically associated with design development, and with good reason. With the advancements of CAD renderings and virtual reality simulations, there is still no better way to initially assess a design than to have it in your hands.

Design and development is typically associated with product, and this can be extended to jigs and fixtures, marketing materials, scaled models and equipment spares. How much have you spent on jigs for them to be left on the side in production? How Much have you spent on spare parts that take weeks to arrive?

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