• 2019 top news stories

    Brain-computer interface could translate thoughts into speech and US regulator sought additional details on $4.2bn Boston Scientific-BTG deal. wraps up key headlines from 2019.

  • Is AI paving the way to doctorless diagnosis?

    AI-driven software now regularly outperforms humans in key diagnostic tasks, raising the prospect of doctorless diagnosis in the future. So where will the rise of AI leave human diagnosticians in...

  • Medical devices: redesigning for success

    How do medical manufacturers go about redesigning older devices that need an update to remain on the market? Abi Millar spoke to Tom Ackrill of contract manufacturer ITL Group about...

  • November’s top news stories

    Researchers at the University of Toronto and Arizona State University have developed a direct gene-circuit-to-electrode interface for the conversion of biological information into an electronic signal, and Zebra Medical Vision...

  • Moving medical supplies: enter the drone

    Getting vital equipment and medicines from A to B is not always a straightforward process, especially in harsh environments like warzones or during environmental disasters. Consequently, drones are deployed to...


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