• Sterile Matters

    The growth of medical device markets has prompted further review of sterilisation standards. Johnson & Johnson's Eamonn Hoxey explains to Nic Paton how they have changed.

  • Safe Surface

    Nearly half of infections in the US are related to medical implants, making anti-microbial coatings extremely beneficial. Jason O Clevenger investigates how these coatings can prevent and reduce infection levels.

  • A Biomaterial Renaissance

    Polyether ether ketone has recently been shown to be hugely successful in a variety of situations. Dr Shalaby W Shalaby and Sheila Nagatomi of Poly-Med, Inc explore the multiple applications...

  • Island Thrives on Industry

    Singapore's economy has grown steadily since independence, and the medical industry is one of many to benefit. Yeoh Keat Chuan explores the country’s medical technology sector.

  • Device Manufacture Gets Up to Speed

    The demand for complex and sophisticated medical devices is escalating. Manufacturers therefore need to find the best way to provide custom-made appliances and rapid tooling can help.

  • Tissue-Engineered Treatment

    The long-term treatment of anal fistulas is often unsuccessful, with patients left suffering from chronic conditions. But a new tissue-engineered product could be the solution to repair and recovery, as...

  • What Size Hole?

    Standards for sterility of medical packaging have lessened the chance of product recalls. However, there is still debate over microbial penetration and the extent of the flaws that allow this....

  • Remote Technology Aids Recovery

    From laptops to heart monitors, wireless technology is an essential healthcare tool. The market for wireless devices looks set to explode, says Frost & Sullivan's Hema Varshika.

  • 12 Steps to Success

    Karen Greene looks at how medical device packaging companies can cut down on their product delivery times. At the same time, they must minimise risks to patient safety and meet...

  • Metal With Memory: the Future of Nitinol

    The use of the flexible metal Nitinol in medical devices has benefited both manufacturers and patients. Scott Russell explores the material's current advantages and future uses.


Driving towards the implementation of the new Medical Devices Regulations (MDR)

  On 5 April 2017, two new Medical Devices Regulations (MDR) on medical devices were adopted, and they entered into…
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