• Does Disclosure Pay Off?

    The US government may be offering more freedom in its new physician payments act but it comes at a price. The question is, are you ready to deal with it?...

  • Risky Business: Quality Control and Fines

    Why are many medical companies still risking fines with oversights and poor judgement in manufacturing processes? Linda Wain investigates the issue of quality control in the medical device industry.

  • Regulation and Risk: New Device Directives

    New European rules are aimed at removing confusion over clinical trials for medical devices. However, they could add time and cost in bringing products to market. Steve Rogerson reports.

  • The Risks of Reuse

    Despite their name, single-use devices are often reprocessed or reused, causing much concern for patient welfare. John Wilkinson, director general of Eucomed, investigates the lack of regulation behind this hazardous...

  • Laser is the Tool

    From household electronics to security holograms, lasers play a significant and positive role in everyday life. Anna O'Neil of AILU examines their extensive use in medical technology.

  • Who is Responsible?

    With a number of processes involved in device production, contractors must work together to ensure global harmonisation. Tom Kahrmann of BSI Management Systems examines worldwide regulations, definitions and responsibilities in...

  • Report to Reduce Harm

    Safety comes first: vigilance guidelines must be followed by all manufacturers to reduce the risk of patient incidents. Karen Howes looks at recent revisions to regulations, particularly in the context...

  • A Tubular Success

    Stent materials have evolved dramatically over recent years, now offering almost limitless possibilities. Where is the technology now and where will it be in the not-too-distant future? Dr Nick West...

  • The Big Cheese

    Switzerland is storming ahead in the medical technology sector both in Europe and worldwide. Peter Biedermann of the country's Medical Cluster association details its achievements to date and aims for...

  • Control With Care

    Efficient and simple technology can improve patient comfort and care, with hospital beds being no exception. Dr Subha Kumpaty explains some revolutionary engineering that allows both carer and patient control...


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