• Giant Strides Towards Smaller Technologies

    Self-assembly is increasingly attractive as a means of creating nanostructures. With increasing control over feature size and materials used, the technique could soon find interesting biomedical applications, writes Harry Heinzelmann,...

  • How Flat Is the Medical World?

    The healthcare industry is experiencing 'flattening', as medical devices and diagnostics are distributed worldwide. However, there are still barriers to be broken down, writes Ralph Ives, executive vice president, global...

  • Safety Meets Successful Packaging

    Regulation and patient safety must be considered when becoming involved in medical device packaging. However, due to the regulatory bodies' requirements, issues such as cost, distribution and size are often...

  • Small Wonders

    Overwhelmingly popular with consumers, micro- and nanotechnologies are making waves in the medical devices industry. Dr Uwe Kleinkes outlines some of the more significant recent developments.

  • Strategic Outsourcing: Mitigating Risk

    The medical device industry is experiencing huge growth. To cope with this challenge, outsourcing is increasing. Aarati Ajay of Frost & Sullivan examines the key factors for the medical device...

  • hTEPs: The Regulatory Challenge

    Richard Moore of Eucomed argues for the risk-based approach to regulation used in the medical device field. He believes it provides the best framework for the regulation of human tissue-engineered...

  • Europe Keeps Wary Eye on Asian Giants

    Claire Staniforth of Frost & Sullivan looks at medical device manufacturing in Asia. She wonders if it is a threat or an opportunity for European medical device companies.

  • Implants: The Biodegradable Future

    Dr Joachim Kohn of Rutgers University in the USA tells Jim Banks about a new device for hernia treatment. He explains how it has opened the door to a faster...

  • The Quest for Quality

    Quality is vital to the performance and success of medical device companies. But how to achieve it? Christian Campion of GE Healthcare has a few suggestions.


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