• Words and Deeds

    The approvals process should be integral to a product's development strategy. It should not merely by seen as an obstacle to be overcome by the manufacturer. MeddiQuest's Neil R Armstrong...

  • MIS on the rise

    The coming years will see strong growth in minimally invasive surgery, particularly in orthopaedics, believes Jonas Weslund.

  • The Questionable Benefits of Gainsharing

    ‘Gainsharing’ is viewed by its advocates in the USA as a solution to escalating healthcare costs. However, upon closer inspection, it may not be the panacea some believe it to...

  • Remote Possibilities

    Easy mobile access to healthcare services could provide independence for millions of remote users worldwide. Timo Nyberg looks at the technologies available for making this goal a reality.

  • Material Concerns

    There is a growing buzz around the use of biomaterials and tissue engineering. With a potentially vast range of applications, these areas of development promise much, but the sheer pace...

  • Small is Beautiful

    The application of new and convergent technologies on the nanoscale is already making devices more patient-friendly. Richard Moore, Eucomed, looks at the opportunities and challenges ahead for a promising area...

  • Big Advances in Small Devices

    Piezoelectric transducers for medical use are starting to come onto the market. Kenji Uchino, Pennsylvania State University, looks at the science driving the development of micro technologies and their diagnostic,...

  • Joined at the Tip

    The increasing use of advanced alloys such as Nitinol has led to the need for new techniques of material manipulation. Peter Hall and Grant Wilson, Edison Welding Institute, write about...

  • Device Packaging Developments

    John Spitzley and Curt Larsen of the IOPP tell Medical Device Developments about the latest trends in medical device packaging.


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