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  1. Implantable islet oxygen device could treat type 1 diabetes
  2. Artificial mole could act as early warning system for cancer
  3. Vaginal foetal communication research presented on Ig Nobel tour
  4. Hitachi to trial world’s first urine cancer detection test
  5. University of Adelaide invents imaging and sensing probe

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Micronova: Your Cleanroom’s Worth It

In today's world, the call for controlled manufacturing is standard across a wide range of industries. Processing and cleaning controls continue to grow ever more stringent in biotechnology and pharmaceutical production - at the same time engineers in wafer production and nanotechnology search for methods to attain higher yields.

Microelectrode arrays record activity deeper in the brain

Researchers at the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California, US, have developed thin, flexible polymer-based materials for use in microelectrode arrays that can record brain activity more deeply and with more specific placement than ever before.

Six Fundamental Principles of Interaction Between Products and Users

Design is all around us. To some, a design is present in the beauty of things, to others, in its ability to function flawlessly or solve a problem. But the fact is that definitions and opinions aside, everything that was made by man, was also designed, and so the design is ubiquitous. 

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