UR4-MD is TEAC’s HD medical video recorder designed for quick setup and ease of use; yet includes a robust list of features and capabilities. With auto-sensing video connections and automatic video resolution detection, setup is quick and easy.

The front control panel of our medical recorder allows users to intuitively record videos and photos in crystal clear HD.

A built-in hard drive is included for reliable recording, data backup and users can also simultaneously record to 2 external USB memories, internal HDD and, if wished, also to a shared folder in the network.

With an optional upgrade, DICOM integration is made easy.

Here some features examples:

DICOM-Upgrade – The medical-grade Video- and image recorder can be bought including optional DICOM upgrade or either can get updated later in the field. This upgrade allows retrieving worklist from worklist server and C-store feature to automatically send single pictures to the patient folder in the PACS.

Auto-Sensing-Feature – With our autosensing to you need only to connect power and video input (if wished additional video output) and our medical-grade video recorder UR4-MD will automatically scan which input is used and show a live picture at an internal and external connected monitor. Now you only need to push “record”-button and recording begins.

Intuitive Use – Push the “ON”-button and as soon you see a live picture of your device do you only have to push “video” or “photo”-button to save videos and/or images.

Auto-Shut-Down-Feature – This feature guarantees you that all videos will be ok and can’t be broken by issues like power loose or too early push of main power switch of endoscopy cart while recording is still running. Systems still have enough energy to closing the video and shutting down the system safely.

Backup Feature – All recordings are simultaneously recorded as Backup to the internal HDD. So, in case USB memory gets lost or broken can you simply retrieve the file again from a backup patient by patient or all internal saved data.

Second Copy – You have a special case and want to have a further copy of the patient for your next conference? No problem, you can record simultaneously to 2 USB memories and network. Means normal documentation workflow is as normal and the doctor has right away copy for his conference.

SD & HD connectivity – You have several devices you want to connect including older SD systems? Our medical recorder provides beside standard DVI and 3G-HD-SDI inputs still older SD inputs (S-Video / Composite via BNC).