Wearable technology has huge potential in healthcare and it can transform the health and wellbeing of patients by tracking data in real-time every day. Wearable technology is a valuable resource for individuals to keep them healthy and can also provide valuable insight for healthcare professionals. Wearables can aid in addressing and managing rising healthcare costs, aging populations, and those who suffer from chronic illness.

Wearable technology is set to increasingly aid in healthcare over the next few years.

This report delves into the industry of wearable technology and looks at key themes relating to integration with augmented reality (AR), Big Data, and artificial intelligence (AI). Currently, the price of sensors are falling and this coupled with other factors provides an opportunity for business to find cost-effective and rapid solutions to healthcare.

The key points of this report are:

  • Key players in the wearables industry and where they sit in the market
  • The biggest current and forecasted trends in the wearables industry which seem to be key in product development
  • Expert industry analysis and the real impact wearables have on healthcare
  • The applications of wearables in the healthcare industry and the value of this technology to medical professionals


‘Wearable Technology in Healthcare – Thematic Research’ by GlobalData contains some key information about wearables and the way they integrate with the healthcare industry. With this report, you will be able to better develop corporate strategies through expert analysis of the wearables industry. Develop and understand the technology used in the healthcare industry with key information. Be able to identify and utilise emerging trends to maximise commercial profit.


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