Why Covid vaccine needs a cooperative approach

24 September 2020 (Last Updated September 24th, 2020 08:33)

24 September

An effective vaccine against the Covid-19 virus is the best way to curb the pandemic.

Although many companies and countries are surging ahead with the development efforts, the question about how the vaccine will be distributed across the world remains.

Adam Tooze, director of European Institute, shared an article on how a vaccine is the best solution to curbing the Covid-19 pandemic, yet it is triggering a new set of problems.

The US has already declined to participate in the UN sponsored COVAX programme.

Further, countries across the world are moving ahead with their own vaccine development programmes.

Russia, for example, approved an unproven vaccine, while China has approved the use of a vaccine for its military.

The article notes that the real problems will arise when a vaccine becomes available.

Governments of rich countries have already signed agreements to procure four billion doses of vaccines.

A lack of equitable distribution may damage the reputations of the countries who try to monopolise the vaccine, the article added.

In other news, Prof. Steve Hanke, economist at Johns Hopkins University, shared an article on how South Dakota successfully adopted Sweden’s no lockdown approach.

South Dakota is the fifth least densely populated state in the US.

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