From fresh revelations about America’s the US’s ‘clean internet’ initiative to rising demand for productivity monitoring apps, here are this week’s key developments. By NS Tech.

WeChat executive order could deal blow to Apple’s £34bn Chinese operations

A US executive order targeting WeChat could backfire by dealing a potentially devastating blow to Apple’s £34bn Chinese operations, analysts have warned.

Commission for Smart Government calls for radical Whitehall reform in light of pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has renewed the need for a radical overhaul of the way Whitehall operates, according to a new commission of business leaders, MPs and former government officials.

5G roll-out key to carbon neutrality, claims O2

UK operator Telefonica O2 put its ‘green’ stake in the ground in March 2020 by announcing plans to dramatically reduce carbon emissions across its business and network by 2025. In a recent report, the operator explained how 5G technology will help it reach its goals for 2025 – and well beyond.

“We are seeing a demand for productivity monitoring apps as a result of Covid-19,” says Intalex founder

When James Hunter-Paterson launched Intalex, his aim was to launch a managed services provider (MSP) that would focus on cloud computing. Speaking to Sooraj Shah, he suggests that the days of MSPs that manage organisations’ infrastructure is disappearing and that even the term ‘MSP’ is now dated.

Does the US’s ‘clean network’ initiative mean the end of the open web?

The US has been locked in an escalating battle with China for the past four years of the Trump presidency. But in the last 12 months, that battle has morphed from a vicious trade war into an ideological schism, and is increasingly centred on the arena most incisive to the ascension of the world’s next superpower: technology. Laurie Clarke reports on what the latest developments mean for the future of the open web.