From the flawed A-levels algorithm to another US crackdown on Huawei, here are the key technology stories of the week so far. By NS Tech

How the A-levels results algorithm was fatally flawed

The A-levels results algorithm disproportionately downgraded pupils who attended schools in socially disadvantaged areas. The aim to keep grade inflation to a minimum drove decisions that ensured this outcome.

Arm co-founder: Nvidia sale is because SoftBank over-invested in firm

Co-founder and ex-president of Arm Holdings Tudor Brown told NS Tech that SoftBank’s potential sale of the chip company to NVIDIA is the outcome of a bungled business strategy. He says that SoftBank over-invested in Arm and prioritised the wrong areas of business.

A-level results algorithm could be unlawful, experts say

Data law experts said that the A-level algorithm may not have been lawful. A key challenge could have been staged on the basis of GDPR – which stipulates under Article 22 that an individual has the right not to be subject to a wholly automated decision that has a significant impact on their life.

Covid-19 contact tracing to be taken over by new public health body

Public Health England is to be scrapped and replaced by the National Institute for Health Protection, which is set to take over the NHS Test and Trace initiative and absorb the Joint Biosecurity Centre. It’s to be headed up by Dido Harding, despite the lacklustre performance of the Covid-19 test and trace scheme she currently oversees.

New US restrictions on Huawei set to disrupt global tech sector

The US government has introduced further restrictions on Chinese telecoms company Huawei, attempting to cut off its supply of general purpose computer chips. Experts say it could trigger a chilling effect on the global tech industry and risk countermeasures from the Chinese government.