From TikTok’s troubles to an exclusive analysis of diversity in the UK tech sector, here are the key developments so far this week. By Ns Tech.

TikTok’s Huawei moment: is the app really a threat to the UK?

The social media app is the latest target of parliament’s China hawks, but are their concerns legitimate? NS Tech asks the experts.

UK tech sector “lagging behind” in diversity

The UK tech sector “lags behind other parts of the world” when it comes to representation, campaigners have said. The comments came after NS Tech found that the boardrooms of the UK’s largest technology companies are mainly male and mainly white.

Russia report reveals Kremlin’s “symbiotic relationship” with cybercriminals

The Russian Government has become a “highly capable cyber actor” by striking secretive partnerships with cybercriminal gangs, according to a damning report on the nation’s interference in British life.

ICO gets “adequate” rating in internal audit and notes risk to its reputation

The British data regulator’s newly published annual report notes that internal auditors gave the body a scoring of “adequate assurance” on its “risk management policies, procedures and practices”. Laurie Clarke reports.

The biggest govtech deals of the week

In partnership with GlobalData, we have drilled down into the most valuable tenders and awards from the last seven days. Here is what we found this week.