21 April

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has passes 2,417,977 with the total of 166,066 deaths and over 635,476 recovered globally. ​

The US and the five European countries of Spain, Italy, France Germany, and the UK remain the most affected in the world.

While the number of ​daily new confirmed cases have been declining globally, several countries such as Turkey, Russia, and Brazil have reported increase in their daily confirmed cases.

Turkey has reported 86,306 total confirmed cases and 3,977 new cases yesterday, ranking highest in Asia.

Africa​n countries are ​reporting an increase in the number of confirmed cases.

Egypt now has a total of 3,144 confirmed cases.

However, less developed countries might not have ​adequate access to test kits, PPE and other essential equipment. Therefore, these countries might ​have a high difference between confirmed cases and the real number of cases.

Bahram Hassanpourfard, MPH, Epidemiologist, GlobalData