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Abbott, a US-based medical device firm, has received regulatory approval in Japan for its Xience Xpedition Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System, which can be used to treat blockages in vessels of the heart.

Xience Xpedition is available in the US, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia and with the latest approval, Abbott expects to cater to the growing market in Japan, where one third of the deaths are due to heart disease.

The next generation Xience drug eluting stent comes with a new delivery system, which aids in navigating smoothly through the blocked blood vessels in the heart during an angioplasty procedure, especially in patients who have complicated heart vessel anatomy.

Abbott claimed that Xience Xpedition provides improved deliverability, along with the broadest size matrix, including a 3.25mm diameter, which will help doctors in addressing a wide range of CAD cases.

Xience Xpedition uses a specialised balloon that aids doctors in opening difficult blockages and in ensuring that the stent is placed securely against the walls of the blood vessel once implanted.

Due to a low-profile design, the catheter, which carries the stent, can move smoothly through the body and heart to the location of the blockage.

The design of the stent is based on the company’s Multi-Link pattern, which has proven to offer strength and stability to the stent.

Abbott vascular senior vice president Chuck Foltz said that the approval of Xience Xpedition in Japan is a significant milestone in the global expansion of the company’s leading next-generation drug eluting stent system.

"With the growing prevalence of heart disease in Japan, Abbott is pleased to offer physicians an additional treatment option that is backed by the strong clinical outcomes and unique design advantages of the market-leading XIENCE family of drug eluting stents," Foltz added.

Image: Abbott’s global headquarters in Abbott Park, Illinois, US. Photo: Courtesy of Abbott.