US-based medical devices firm Advanced Brain Monitoring has launched a new system, InsomniCare, to manage insomnia.

The integrated cloud-based system, which enables remote assessment and treatment in a medical home model, is claimed to improve wellness, productivity and workplace safety for numerous sufferers of the sleep disorder.

According to the company, the system comprises a web-based screening questionnaire that helps in establishing the intensity of a patient’s perceived symptoms.

Upon ascertaining the severity of symptoms, Advanced Brain Monitoring will perform a sleep profiler study in the comfort of the patient’s home to make a neurological and cardiovascular assessment of sleep quality, under the review of a sleep medicine specialist.

Advanced Brain Monitoring chief medical officer Dr Philip Westbrook said, "Sleep Profiler assists clinicians in identifying patients who will likely benefit from CBT-I and those who may have an underlying medical condition causing the insomnia symptoms that requires further evaluation".

Based on the specialist’s recommendation, the company will conduct cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) using the integrated web portal, which allows for ongoing clinician monitoring of progress and subsequently ensures that the range of patient’s sleep patterns remain normal.

Advanced Brain Monitoring president Daniel Levendowski said the new system helps clinicians confirm the patient’s sleep complaints in a cost-effective way with an objective assessment of sleep quality.

"It addresses an important gap in provider coverage resulting from a shortage of qualified behavioral sleep therapists with web-based CBT-I", Levendowski said.

The company also said that InsomniCare complies with the recent drug safety warning by FDA to reduce the daily dosage of Ambien and other similar insomnia drugs by 50% to avoid the risk of next-morning impairment.

Image: InsomniCare helps clinicians confirm the patient’s sleep complaints and assess sleep quality. Photo: Courtesy of Advanced Brain Monitoring.