UK-based Aircraft Medical has introduced the McGrath MAC 2 blade, a disposable paediatric video laryngoscope, compatible with the McGrath MAC video laryngoscope.

The McGrath MAC 2 blade, which is designed for both direct and indirect vision, is expected to address the challenges of paediatric intubation.

Aircraft Medical CEO Matt McGrath said the company has seen a growing, global demand for paediatric video laryngoscope technology.

"McGrath MAC 2 blade is expected to address the challenges of paediatric intubation."

"In the majority of cases, small children and infants are intubated using traditional non-video and non-sterile blades, which can make the process challenging in difficult cases, and carries the added risk of blade cross contamination between patients," McGrath added.

Physicians can use the McGrath Mac 2 blade to provide a clear view of the vocal cords, thereby reducing airway complications and enabling easier intubation.

The Macintosh profiled video laryngoscope blade for paediatric patients is disposable, ensuring it is guaranteed sterile for every patient, according to the company.

The portable McGrath MAC video laryngoscope integrates McGrath video technology with a traditionally shaped Macintosh laryngoscope blade, allowing the clinician to visualise the laryngeal inlet directly and indirectly in everyday practice.

The McGrath MAC system, including handle and display monitor, meets Aircraft’s HLDi standard.

Aircraft Medical, a developer and producer of medical devices, is focused on the needs of anaesthesia and critical care professionals around the world.