Arbor Vita‘s has announced positive interim clinical study results for its diagnostic human papillomavirus (HPV) E6 test for cervical cancer and precancerous lesions.

The START-UP clinical study is being funded by PATH, and is being conducted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

Results from 3,179 out of 7,500 women enrolled in the clinical study, being conducted in China, validated the use of the HPV E6 test to detect the cancer-causing E6 protein, a biomarker of these diseases.

In the study, the HPV E6 test detected all the cancers with 99% specificity and 69.6% sensitivity, and demonstrated a nine-fold reduction in the referral rate for women requiring follow-up or treatment.

PATH START-UP project director Jose Jeronimo that the test’s ease of use makes it potentially better than non-molecular screening tests, such as VIA and Pap smears.

Arbor Vita Corporation CEO Peter Lu said that PATH’s partnership with Arbor Vita represents an important model of collaboration to bring new technology and innovation to the market.

”As we anticipate final data from the clinical study, we will continue to reach out to potential partners to develop and commercialise the HPV E6 test globally," Lu added.