Bordetella pertussis

BD Diagnostics and Belgium-based biotechnology firm Diagenode have launched a new real-time Diagenode Bordetella pertussis / parapertussis real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) kit for use on the BD MAX System in Europe.

Timely detection of whooping cough with the new PCR kit, which has received the CE mark in Europe, will help in preventing the spread of disease.

Bordetella pertussis causes respiratory disease, and every year 30 to 50 million cases are reported.

The new PCR kit uses an open system reagent BD MAX ExK DNA-1 Extraction Kit to run on the fully automated BD MAX System, which standardises the process of extraction and offers improved laboratory workflow for customers.

The kit is helpful in diagnosing pertussis from other pneumonia, bronchitis or respiratory viruses.

BD Diagnostics – Diagnostic Systems product planning vice president Gregory Meehan said that there is a need to rapidly address the outbreak issues associated with whooping cough in both paediatric and adult cases.

"The Bordetella pertussis / parapertussis real-time PCR kit expands the syndrome-specific menu offering through our partner assays with a test that is timely and highly relevant in meeting the market need," Meehan added.

"The kit is helpful in diagnosing pertussis from other pneumonia, bronchitis or respiratory viruses."

Whooping cough usually affects infants and young children and can prove fatal, especially to infants less than one year of age.

Bordetella parapertussis infection is similar to infection associated with B. pertussis, though it is of milder nature and shorter duration.

The enhanced BD MAX System’s menu and open capability, complete automated facility and standardised workflow, allows laboratories to consolidate a broad range of molecular tests to develop programmes that can address their present and future clinical requirements.

Diagenode CEO Didier Allaer noted that the Diagenode Bordetella pertussis / parapertussis real-time PCR kit adds a significant assay to the BD MAX System that truly builds on the flexibility and versatility of the platform, which when coupled with the open system reagents, facilitates the rapid development of molecular testing assays.

BD Diagnostics, which is part medical technology provider BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), has been collaborating with in vitro diagnostic (IVD) developers such as Diagenode to expand the molecular testing menu by offering syndrome specific and clinically relevant IVD assays across a number of disease syndromes.

Image: Bordetella pertussis causes respiratory disease in 30 to 50 million people each year. Photo courtesy of CDC Public Health Image Library.