Blockade Medical has won CE mark approval for its Barricade coil system, designed to remove or endovascularly occlude blood flow in vascular abnormalities of the neurovascular and peripheral vessels.

The coil system, which includes a complete line of embolisation coils, is available in ten and 18 framing, filling and finishing coil configurations.

"The coil system, which includes a line of embolisation coils, is available in ten and 18 framing, filling and finishing coil configurations."

Gibb Clarke, Blockade Medical chief executive officer, said the use of platinum microcoils to treat intracranial aneurysms will continue to expand the neurovascular market.

"Coil embolisation is the standard of care and is proven to be safe and effective for both ruptured and unruptured aneurysms," Clarke added.

"It is because of this safety and efficacy record that coil embolisation will remain the standard of care in aneurysm treatment for years to come.

"The Barricade coil system is our first product offering, which Blockade plans to complement with additional products in 2013."

Dave Ferrera, Blockade Medical president, said: "Blockade’s major strategic value to the interventional market is in its ability to develop innovative interventional products rapidly on a cash efficient operating plan, complimented by a broad network of international distributors and physicians that provide critical input to our product development process."

Blockade Medical clinical advisor and Medical University of South Carolina endovascular neurosurgeon Raymond Turner said the coil system offered competitive performance in terms of deliverability, aneurysm conformability, filling and finishing.

"The framing coil allows me to frame and fill the aneurysm effectively while delivering coils without sacrificing catheter position," Turner added.

"The system also offers long filling and soft finishing coils to enable complete aneurysm embolisation."