Health Canada has issued a medical device license for Carestream Health’s DRX-Revolution mobile X-ray system that enhances image quality, manoeuvrability and productivity.

The DRX-Revolution system incorporates a main 19-inch monitor and an 8-inch tube head monitor to provide two work zones, which can further improve productivity and performance. The initiative will allow Canadian healthcare facilities to use the mobile DR imaging system.

The 32kW generator, DRX detector and Carestream software of the DRX-Revolution system allows radiographers to easily align the tube with a grid, helping them to achieve better image quality and reduce the need for retakes. The DRX imaging system is suitable for general radiography exams including orthopaedic, trauma, paediatric and specialty care environments.

The company said the system’s collapsible column facilitates unobstructed views for improved visibility and safety while moving the system. The long tube head reach of the imaging system allows radiographers to conduct X-ray exams despite the crowded presence of bedside medical equipment.

The portable DR imaging system also provides a storage space for gloves, sanitisers, markers, paperwork and other items.

Carestream Health Digital Medical Solutions president Diana Nole said the DRX-Revolution is specifically designed to address the needs of radiology professionals who were involved in the product’s design process.

"It features an easy-to-position tube head and a collapsible column that provides improved visibility and greater safety when moving the portable imaging system," Nole added.

The imaging system shares the same DRX-1 / DRX-1C wireless detectors, software and graphic user interface as other Carestream DRX products. The DRX-Revolution system is anticipated for launch by June 2012.

Carestream Health is a provider of dental and medical imaging systems, healthcare IT solutions and molecular imaging systems for life science research and drug discovery / development, X-ray film and digital X-ray systems for non-destructive testing and advanced materials for the precision films and electronics markets.

Image: Carestream Health headquarters, located in Rochester, New York, US. Photo: DanielPenfield.