US-based dental and medical imaging systems provider Carestream Health has secured approval from the US Food and Administration (FDA) for its new wireless digital radiography detector.

The wireless digital radiography detector DRX 2530C provides quality, low-dose X-ray images for orthopaedic, general radiology and paediatric applications.

Carestream Digital Medical Solutions president Diana Nole said that the new DRX 2530C detector addressed a need voiced by healthcare providers worldwide for a smaller detector that could deliver important imaging advantages in paediatric and orthopaedic environments.

"We will continue to expand our highly rated DRX imaging systems with new capabilities that address the patient care requirements of imaging services providers and their patients," Nole added.

With the capability to capture boundary and other general radiography images, the new detector that comes in a smaller size of 25cm x 30cm and minimal weight is suitable to be used for tabletop tests including knee, elbow, skull and other exams, as these need a smaller field of view.

In the paediatric ICU, the small sized detector can fit into a tray located underneath an incubator, which allows doctors to obtain the images required to monitor the condition of babies without disturbing them.

Similar to the company’s previous detectors DRX-1 and DRX-1C, the new wireless detector can be used along with any of the DRX line of room-based and mobile imaging systems.

In order to optimise the quality of images for paediatric applications, Carestream is providing advanced image processing software, which includes seven patient sizes.

The new detector is expected to arrive in the markets in the third quarter of 2013.

Image: Carestream’s DRX 2530C wireless digital radiography detector. Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.