ConvaTec, a medical technology company, has announced the US release of its Aquacel Ag Extra wound dressing with Hydrofiber technology for at-risk and infected wounds.

The Hydrofiber technology dressing provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against superbugs as demonstrated in vitro.

ConvaTec Americas Wound Therapeutics and Critical Care vice president Kevin Leach said that clinicians rely on the clinical and economic benefits of the family of Aquacel and Aquacel Ag dressings.

"We are pleased to introduce AQUACEL Ag EXTRA wound dressing that will provide them the additional confidence they need when managing a wound that needs more absorbency and may be infected," Leach said.

The new dressing with strengthening fibres has been proven effective against resistant bacteria of growing concern in hospitals, according to the company.

Aquacel Ag Extra wound dressing with ionic silver was cleared for the same indications as Aquacel Ag wound dressing and will be suitable for managing moderate to highly exuding wounds.

The Aquacel Ag Extra dressings can be used in conjunction with Aquacel Foam dressings indicated to provide additional patient comfort and absorbency when necessary.

Aquacel and Aquacel Ag dressings are absorbent, non-woven wound dressings available in a range of shapes, sizes and formats, including foam, and used in range of exuding chronic and acute wounds, including surgical, trauma and burn wounds.