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Healthcare products company, Covidien, has introduced its new V-Loc knotless suture reload device, which is designed to increase operating room efficiency during single-incision bariatric and laparoscopic procedures.

The V-Loc knotless device works with the company’s proprietary Endo Stitch and SILS Stitch suturing devices.

Faster suturing can be achieved with the V-Loc device, as it features a barb and loop design, therefore eliminating the need to tie any knots.

Assistant professor of surgery at Duke University Medical Center, Dana Portenier, said bariatric surgery requires surgical stapling and suturing to ensure anastomotic closure.

"The ability to suture internal tissue laparoscopically without the need to tie knots can help surgeons shorten one of the most labour-intensive tasks performed during bariatric surgery," Portenier added.

"As an early user of the Endo Stitch device with the V-Loc reload, I’ve been able to perform laparoscopic suturing with greater ease and efficiency than I previously could have using traditional devices that require knots."

According to a recent pre-clinical study, the V-Loc device can save surgeons between 35% and 42% of the time required to suture inside the body.

Covidien surgical solutions vice president and chief technology officer, Paul Hermes, said the new V-Loc knotless suturing reloads for minimally invasive surgery and will help surgeons perform aspects of their procedures with greater efficiency.

"Covidien is committed to the advancement of bariatric surgery technology and offers a full portfolio of products and services to support bariatric surgeons, their practices and patients," Hermes added.

Image: V-Loc reload device sutures internal tissue laparoscopically without the need to tie knots. Photo courtesy of: Covidien.