The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved surgical products maker Hologic‘s new C-View 2D imaging software for use.

Images generated using the C-View 2D imaging software can now be used in place of the conventional 2D exposure.

The new software will eliminate the need for additional 2D exposures, while providing a better experience for patients.

In addition, the software allows radiologists to visualise the breast in more detail than with 2D mammography alone.

Hologic said that the combination of its 3D mammography technology and C-View 2D images will result in less time under compression for better patient comfort and a smaller dose of radiation.

Clinical trials proved that screening with Hologic’s 3D mammography technology using C-View 2D images will result in better clinical performance compared to a conventional 2D mammogram.

Hologic breast health senior vice president and general manager Peter Soltani said, "Approval of our C-View software is an important evolution in Hologic’s 3D mammography screening program."

The new software has been available in Europe, Asia, and several countries in Latin America since 2011.

Hologic, which operates in over 50 countries, expects shipments of the new C-View software in the US to begin in June 2013.