The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 510(k) clearance to Ethicon Endo-Surgery’s new Harmonic Ace+ shears with adaptive tissue technology, designed for use during general, bariatric, colorectal, gynecology, and urology surgical procedures.

Harmonic Ace+ shears feature a tapered, coated, refined blade design, which helps surgeons handle multiple surgical jobs including dissection, sealing, transection, and otomy creation.

By regulating energy delivery, the adaptive tissue technology responds intelligently to varying tissue conditions and provides surgeons with enhanced audible feedback, enabling the shears to exhibit 23% less thermal spread while delivering 21% shorter transection times, compared with the current Harmonic Ace.

Grand Health Partners bariatric surgeon Dr Paul Kemmeter said the responsive technology improved energy delivery.

"It makes me feel very comfortable knowing that the optimal amount of energy will be delivered consistently each time," Dr Kemmeter said.

Ethicon Endo-Surgery global strategic marketing vice president Tom O’Brien said with the introduction of adaptive tissue technology, the Harmonic Ace+ shears elevate the precision of the Harmonic portfolio.

"Based on surgeon feedback, EES will continue to advance the performance and precision of Harmonic devices through better energy management and refined design," O’Brien said.

"We will also ensure our products make clinical and economic sense to all of our customers."