Genomic Health has announced results of three new Oncotype DX studies, confirming the test’s cost-effectiveness and impact on treatment decisions in early-stage invasive breast cancer patients with lymph-node positive status.

The large prospective German multicentre study involving 366 patients has showed that use of Oncotype DX changed initial recommendations in 33% of cases with increased survival rates.

Interdisciplinary Oncology Center in Munich, Germany, gynaecology professor Wolfgang Eiermann said Oncotype DX is a tool that can help guide treatment recommendations for early-stage breast cancer patients in a cost-effective manner.

"Oncotype DX is already included in international clinical guidelines such as ESMO, St. Gallen, ASCO and NCCN(1) and our research demonstrates that Oncotype DX is cost-effective and impacts treatment decisions ensuring that the right patients benefit from chemotherapy, while others are spared unnecessary treatment and associated toxicities," Eiermann added.

The Israeli study, which included 282 patients, found patients who had the Oncotype DX test were less likely to be recommended for chemotherapy compared to patients who did not have the test.

Multiple studies conducted in Germany, Spain, the UK, Israel, Japan, Australia and the US have shown using that the test changes treatment decisions in roughly 30% of cases. In addition, the health economics analysis from Hungary demonstrated the cost-effectiveness of Oncotype DX compared to other oncology related health technologies being used in the country.

Genomic Health medical affairs in Europe director Christer Svedman said they currently have eight clinical studies involving more than 5,000 patients across Europe, demonstrating the potential the Oncotype DX test brings to patients and physicians.

"As international use of the Oncotype DX breast cancer test increases, it’s important to not only have strong clinical data but also to demonstrate that using the test is cost-effective in different healthcare systems," Svedman added.