Genesis Touch

Honeywell HomMed has revealed a new personal health device, Genesis Touch, designed to address the current and future needs of patients who use telehealth to manage their care.

The FDA-cleared Genesis Touch is a portable device which helps manage a patient’s healthcare via its interface, while also giving care providers features such as video conferencing to improve interaction.

Genesis Touch features include a handheld touch screen tablet, integration with LifeStream, mobile networks and Wi-Fi, wireless peripheral support, spoken vitals and questions, a disease management library and live video conferencing.

The touch screen tablet device employs an Android-based platform which offers patients an intuitive, consumer-based interface providing access to a full range of LifeStream devices, applications and services.

Genesis Touch collects vital signs and responses to symptom-specific questions from patients and transmits the data to Honeywell’s LifeStream Management Suite, allowing healthcare providers to track and monitor patient health readings.

The device offers technology with video conferencing capabilities, providing mobile interaction between patients and healthcare providers. Honeywell HomMed UK managing director Mark Ayton said they believe the Genesis Touch represents the next step in the progression of remote patient care.

"The Genesis Touch offers enhanced mobility so users can manage their healthcare wherever they are and thanks to tamper proof interfaces, it provides a smooth, safe and secure experience for the user," Ayton added.

Image: Genesis Touch device from Honeywell HomMed makes telehealth convenient for healthcare providers and patients. Photo: Honeywell HomMed.