Hospira, a provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies, has gained regulatory clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Symbiq 3.13 infusion device, the improved version of the company’s infusion system platform.

The Symbiq infusion system is a device designed to help improve workflow and decrease medication errors.

Enhancements to the platform include improved connectivity and wireless communication to enhance intravenous (I.V.) clinical integration, improved software reliability, enabling consistent performance across a range of clinical applications and updated software design that supports optimal performance. Using Hospira MedNet safety software, the Symbiq infusion pump will provide additional medication-error protection by requiring users to select a drug library entry from the safety software for all drug delivery programmes.

Symbiq can help decrease the number of steps and time required to programme the infusion pump and improve nursing workflow and productivity. It also allows hospitals to help assure that their best defined clinical practices are being utilised in all programmes.

Hospira chief scientific officer and Research & Development and Medical & Regulatory Affairs senior vice president Sumant Ramachandra said with the new Symbiq system, the company will provide clinicians and patients with a technologically advanced and quality infusion pump.

"We took a device that was designed to transform how hospitals deliver medications safely and reflect real-world clinician feedback, and then put the system through a rigorous development and regulatory process to increase its reliability," Ramachandra added.

Hospira plans to upgrade to the Symbiq device in the first quarter and expects to begin shipments in the second quarter of this year, 2012. Headquartered in Illinois, US, Hospira manufactures injectable drugs and infusion technologies that improve patient and caregiver safety while reducing healthcare costs.

Image: Hospira corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois, US. Photo: Acherubini2020.