UK-based Isansys Lifecare has received CE mark certification for what it claims is the world’s first cloud-ready medical device, Lifetouch Patient Surveillance system, comprising the LifeTouch HRV011 intelligent body-worn wireless sensor and associated Patient Gateway.

LifeTouch allows clinically relevant data to be simply and unobtrusively captured from a patient, analysed in real-time, merged with other data in the patient’s electronic health record and securely delivered to authorised personnel at anytime, anywhere.

The patient surveillance system enables healthcare providers not only to improve patient safety and enhance clinical outcomes, but also reduce costs associated with avoidable patient deterioration, medical errors, re-admissions to intensive care wards and re-admissions to hospital.

Keith Errey, Isansys Lifecare CEO, said the company’s LifeTouch system is the first single-use smart patch device to achieve a CE mark and is now ready for full-scale deployment.

"The LifeTouch system is addressing the core quality of care and patient safety needs of healthcare providers with an approach that is totally unique in this market and defined by a clear understanding of how clinical environments actually function," Errey added.

Isansys’ patient monitoring system is the first cloud-ready medical device to be certified as a class IIa medical device under the European Medical Device Directive (MDD).

Isansys Business Development director Rebecca Weir said: "We are now focussed on another significant industry ‘first’ – building the Isansys Healthcare Cloud to deliver the scalability, accessibility and affordability benefits of cloud-based technology to the clinical market for the first time."

The LifeTouch system is covered by patent applications relating to construction, use and functionality, and is available through the Isansys service offerings or under license from Isansys, the company said. Isansys Lifecare is a new generation healthcare company which provides patient surveillance and monitoring services built on an innovative and scalable platform.