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US-based medical device company Medtronic has received CE Mark clearance for its ReDuX plier, an instrument intended for use during osteotomies.

The ReDuX plier is designed to enable more controlled osteotomy closures for patients suffering with a severe form of spinal curvature.

Spinal deformity in adults is a major challenge for surgeons, in partucular where an imbalance in the sagittal plane cannot be corrected with a regular arthrodesis procedure alone.

For such cases, spinal osteotomies must be performed to restore balance in sagittal as well as coronal planes.

The ReDuX plier has been specifically designed for pedicle substraction osteotomy (PSO), a delicate and complex surgical procedure for patients with sagittal imbalance.

Sagittal imbalance is a condition where the back has lost the characteristic S-shape that allows the skeleton to resist gravity and
stand upright, causing considerable pain to sufferers.

During a PSO, a triangular wedge of bone is removed from the middle of a vertebrae, enabling it to be angled backwards to re-align the spine by increasing the backward curve (lordosis) in the lumbar portion of the spine and resulting in an upright posture and relief from pain.

Surgical procedures that remove bone from the spine can be extensive and complicated as several problems can occur, such as vertebrae collpase during closure.

The ReDuX plier is connected directly to the implants, and is designed to protect the front of the vertebrae from collapse by driving the kinematic of the closure and dissipating stress onto the bone screws.

Although available for use in Europe, ReDuX Plier is not currently commercially available in the US.

Image: The world headquarters of Medtronic in Fridley, Minnesota, US. Photo: Courtesy of Bobak Ha’Eri.