Neusoft Positron Medical Systems has won CE mark approval and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification for their Attrius Positron Emission Tomography (Pet) system.

The Attrius PET, designed for cardiac imaging, provides high system uptime, minimal radiation exposure and a proprietary cardiac-specific software package designed to ensure interpretation for challenging clinical cases.

The Attrius is optimised for myocardial perfusion imaging, enabling physicians to provide demonstrated technology, while delivering an accurate diagnosis, according to Positron.

The CE marking indicates product’s compliance with the European Union (EU) legislation and enables the free movement of products within the European market.

With the CE mark, Positron can market, distribute and service the Attrius to the EU and other countries that recognise CE.

The ISO is designed to help organisations meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.

The key features of the Attrius PET scanner include: a proprietary cardiac software package including the ability to monitor therapy; a large list mode buffer allowing for concurrent acquisition of flow, perfusion and function in one scan; a coronary artery overlay display; a 450 pound table capacity and integrated Intel chipset with reconstruction times of seven seconds per image set.

The system, which fits in a 15′ x 20′ area, features open architecture for new protocol development and customisation and quadrax control panels to allow multidirectional scanner access and control.

Neusoft Positron Medical Systems is a joint venture between Neusoft Medical Systems and Positron for the development and manufacturing of PET systems and is based in Shenyang, China.