Completed MAS PLIF procedure with the MaXcess MAS PLIF retractor in place

Global medical device company NuVasive has released its Maximum Access surgery posterior lumbar interbody fusion (MAS PLIF) procedure into the international market.

The global launch, which followed an initial limited launch in the US, will now allow patients and surgeons in Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the UK to make use of the procedure.

Orthopaedic surgeon and spine care specialist Dr Nitin Khanna said the simplicity of the system helps all surgeons to easily implement it in their practice.

"MAS PLIF is a unique procedure that offers truly reproducible results that embrace traditional surgical principles," said Khanna.

The company said that the system would cohesively output the access, fixation, interbody, graft delivery and neuromonitoring components concerning the procedure.

The system is also claimed to avoid the need to retract back muscles as wide laterally as a traditional, or ‘open’ PLIF, thereby prompting a smaller incision and reducing the amount of muscle disruption, which could help patients recover faster.

Commenting on the global launch, another orthopaedic surgeon Dr Gurvinder Deol said the integration effort is undeniable in the final output of the system.

"Every nuance, from the unique retractor blades, the laterally placed interbody cages, the modular screw option, and the insulated pedicle prep instruments make for a seamless, safe, and reproducible procedure," Deol said.

NuVasive surgeons, who innovated the procedure, have imparted training to other surgeons in two of the company’s cadaveric labs, located in San Diego and New Jersey.

Image: Completed MAS PLIF procedure with the MaXcess MAS PLIF retractor in place. Photo: Courtesy of NuVasive, Inc.