UK-based medical devices developer Owen Mumford is using dimensional metrology training to improve its production times.

The company is enrolling staff on the Level 1 dimensional measurement training course offered by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), in a bid to improve efficiency and productivity.

The course trains participants in effective measurement tools and techniques, and places a strong focus on the importance of measurement.

Owen Mumford metrology engineer and course participant Barrie Hanson said that the course had increased his productivity by 50%.

"After this course I was able to look at drawings and understand why things are drawn the way they are," Hanson said.

"We learned to apply geometric tolerancing and understand why certain levels of accuracy were required.

"With every job, I now question what the best approach is and choose the best way to measure, rather than relying on pre-defined routines. This makes everything more efficient."

Owen Mumford, which has offices in five countries, supplies injection-based drug delivery systems and blood sampling equipment to diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.