Penumbra has introduced their 5MAX Reperfusion catheter, designed to remove clots in patients with acute ischemic stroke.

5MAX, which applies direct aspiration on the occlusion to optimise thrombus removal, is designed to simplify procedure without the need for dual operators or the use of a large proximal balloon guide.

5MAX features a tapered design that allows for a lower profile, flexible distal section to optimise navigation and easy delivery of adjunctive therapies, thus eliminating the need for re-access.

The catheter also includes an advanced polymer and nitinol coil reinforcement design at the distal tip to enable easy tracking through tortuous vessels.

In the recent START trial, 5MAX showed superior outcomes, while interim results reported at the 2012 International Stroke Conference showed 48.1% (37/77) of patients had a modified Rankin Score (mRS) of = 2 at 90 days follow-up, indicating a return to independent life.

Medical University of South Carolina neurointerventional division director and radiology associate professor Dr Quill Turk said the catheter’s tapered lumen has sufficient aspiration power for quick and efficient clot removal.

"The new 5MAX design allows easy intracranial access with a large bore versatile catheter for stroke intervention," Dr Turk said.

"When beginning a clot removal procedure, the 5MAX allows me to access the clot and reliably open the vessel.

"If needed, adjunctive devices can be introduced through the 5MAX easily while retaining the benefit of direct aspiration."