Rhythmlink International, a US-based medical device maker, has secured a patent in the US for the design of its slider electrode, an electrode deployment piece.

Registered under the US Patent No. 8,412,303 B2, the slider electrode is cited as the ‘Electrode for Use with a Template Cap’.

The slider electrode, when embedded into an electrode cap, enables medical professionals to safely and accurately deploy subdermal needles into the scalp without worrying about high impedances and skin preparation.

Rhymthmlink CEO and co-inventor Shawn Regan noted that the ease of use and efficacy of needle electrodes are important in recording continuous EEG to monitor for seizures and other brain trauma especially in emergency and battlefield environments.

The company’s project engineer Daniel Smith said that the slider electrode project presented a set of requirements, which were overcome by utilising cutting-edge rapid manufacturing techniques and designs.

"These tools allowed the team to focus on functionality while being able to test the design in real-life scenarios," Smith added.

Last month, the firm received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its Disposable MR Conditional Cup Electrodes.

Eliminating the requirement to remove and reapply EEG electrodes every time a patient needs imaging, the company’s Disposable MR Conditional Cup Electrodes remains safely on a patient during an MR scan in static magnetic fields with 1.5 or 3.0 Tesla without impacting any image artifact.

Rhythmlink International is a manufacturer of the accessories for intraoperative neuromonitoring, electroencephalography, polysomnography, long-term monitoring epilepsy and critical care units.