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Sanovas, a US-based life science technology firm, has launched a new micro imaging platform, MicroCam, to revolutionise the endoscopic imaging market.

The new ‘plug and play’ platform is believed to offer autonomous imaging capabilities to almost any surgical instrument using its proprietary software, electronics, sensors and optics.

By integrating with medical device makers’ existing portfolios, the technology is claimed to help them improve clinical capabilities, besides increasing product offerings and competitive advantage.

Sanovas CEO Larry Gerrans said; "We are delighted to offer the members of the medical device community the opportunity to re-imagine, re-invent and re-purpose the clinical capabilities of their products and technologies."

Designed to eliminate the need for camera consoles, camera heads, camera couplers, light sources, fibre optic light cables, rod lens endoscopes and cart based systems, the technology will serve to recover useful space in cramped OR and sterile storage environments.

MicroCam, which will ultimately displace large, cumbersome and expensive cart-based systems with leaner, more efficient and cost-effective designs, will help reduce acquisition costs of endoscopic camera systems by nearly 80%, said the company.

According to Sanovas, MicroCam will help doctors avoid the challenges associated with using a single imaging source throughout the procedure, while its portability makes it convenient for healthcare providers to take the required care into remote operating theatres.

"We can now put ‘eyeballs’ on most any instrument and give the Doctor a wide variety of images and viewing angles," Gerrans said.

Sanovas said it is extending the subject matter expertise in software, mechanical, electronic and optical engineering to its OEM partners to encourage collaboration and advance the product development.

Image: Medical device makers can integrate MicroCam to their existing portfolios; Photo: Courtesy of Sanovas, Inc.