The European Union has granted CE mark certification to St Jude Medical‘s quadripolar cardiac resynchronisation therapy pacemaker (CRT-P).

The Allure Quadra CRT-P has integrated quadripolar technology with multiple pacing configurations, and allows optimisation both at implant and follow-up.

Manchester Royal Infirmary consultant cardiologist and devices lead Dr Amir Zaidi said adding quadripolar technology to the CRT-P platform provides a new option in the treatment of heart failure (HF).

"The new features and additional pacing options allow for optimal lead placement and provide the patient greater opportunities to respond to therapy, while reducing the need for re-intervention," Zaidi said.

In addition, the device improves HF management with timely access to vital diagnostic data, including monitoring to provide information about HF progression and simplified reports of overall device data.

St Jude Medical implantable electronic systems division president Dr Eric Fain said the company has seen efficiency and efficacy benefits from its with its quadripolar CRT-D platform, which was launched in 2010, and is expecting the same results in the quadripolar CRT-P line.

"While determining how to provide high-quality, affordable health care is major social challenge, we believe our quadripolar technology is a cost-effective solution that elevates the standard of care for heart failure patients in need of cardiac resynchronization therapy," Fain said.

St Jude said the Allure Quadra is currently not approved for use in the US.

Image: St Jude’s Allure Quadra quadripolar cardiac resynchronisation therapy pacemaker. Photo: Courtesy of St Jude Medical.