NovaCath(TM) Integrated IV Catheter System

Tangent Medical, a manufacturer of IV therapy products, has commercially launched its NovaCath Integrated IV Catheter System and initiated clinical evaluations of the product in several US healthcare centres.

Said to be the first safety IV catheter, NovaCath provides advanced catheter stabilisation technology and exceeds several standards for IV catheter stabilisation, such as CDC, OSHA and INS.

The NovaCath Integrated IV Catheter System, which has a passive needle shielding technology and closed system design, can minimise the occupational exposure to blood to the lowest possible extent.

Tangent Medical CEO Jeff Williams said the NovaCath Integrated IV Catheter System was developed after a year of clinical immersion to address many patient and clinician needs, while providing benefits to healthcare facilities and hospitals in terms of compliance and economics.

"NovaCath provides advanced catheter stabilisation technology and exceeds several standards for IV catheter stabilisation."

"The anticipated launch of the NovaCath has resulted in significant clinical interest and demand for the product," Williams added.

Equipped with ergonomic design and soft materials, the latest product can comfort patients and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, which can be due to the use of convetional catheters.

Furthermore, it comes with a 180° fluid-path turn that eliminates the J-Loop, which can cause problems such as IV tubing snags and catheter dislodgement.

Due to its pre-assembled, all-in-one system, the IV catheter set-up time and risk of touch-point contamination gets significantly reduced.

Tangent Medical Sales and Marketing vice president Curtis Bloch said the clinical feedback supports NovaCath’s ability to reduce overall IV complications while improving clinical efficiency and healthcare worker safety.

"No other catheter on the Market combines advanced stabilisation, passive needle encapsulation, tubing management and blood control on every single start," Bloch added.

Image: NovaCath Integrated IV Catheter System. Photo courtesy of Market Wired.