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Medical Technology is a digital magazine for the medical device industry. Published in an exciting, interactive format and available to read for free on the web and on iPads, this magazine brings together the latest news, market insights and technological developments from the industry. Looking at all areas of healthcare, from prevention and monitoring to diagnosis and treatment, we keep an eye on new research and innovation in materials, electronics, devices, manufacturing technologies, packaging and the supply chain – all you need as a professional in the medical industry to keep up to date with the latest developments in your field. Produced by an experienced team with a strong background in B2B publishing and delivered to a global audience of decision-makers through our expansive industry network, Medical Technology is essential reading material for healthcare industry professionals and an ideal platform for suppliers to showcase their products and services.

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August 2020 Top

Issue 30 – August 2020
In this issue: regulating the future of telemedicine, the need for coders and coding standards, South Korea as a new med tech hotspot, what the MDR delay means for European medtech, and much more.

July 2020 Top

Issue 29 – July 2020
In this issue: cross-industry efforts to develop ventilators, breaking supply bottlenecks, ‘healthable’ hearing aids, video game technology in healthcare, and much more.

June 2020 Top

Issue 28 – June 2020
In this issue: the trouble with home testing kits for Covid-19, how tech is transforming ambulance capabilities, the science behind human ‘super-sniffers’, and much more.

May 2020 Top

Issue 27 – May 2020
In this issue: the complicated pursuit of an effective Covid-19 test, the tech shaping the future of sports medicine, the influential journey of the laboratory microscope, and much more.

April 2020 Top

Issue 26 – April 2020
In this issue: the incubators helping to support start-ups, notable developments in photonics, key players in the robotic surgery market, automated workers in by the NHS, and much more.

March 2020 Top

Issue 25 – March 2020
In this issue: how technology is transforming reconstructive surgery, the future of skin grafts, medical device regulation in India, genome sequencing at birth, and much more.

February 2020 Top

Issue 24 – February 2020
In this issue: alternatives to ethylene oxide sterilisation, the impact of the Essure scandal, a new virtual reality approach to surgical training, and much more.

January 2020 Top

Issue 23 – January 2020
In this issue: the technology transforming hearing aids, travelling for medical treatments, the future of biohacking and implants, and much more.

December 2019 Top

Issue 22 – December 2019
In this issue: blood-based biomarkers for PTSD, transvaginal mesh, reversing Alzheimer’s memory loss, redesigning medical devices, and much more.

November 2019 Top

Issue 21 – November 2019
In this issue: Deep space diagnostics, dirty duodenoscopes, smartphone-based sperm testing, at-home asthma management, and much more.

October 2019 Top

Issue 20 – October 2019
In this issue: Amazon and the NHS, choosing the right contract manufacturer, the state of femtech, prescription video games, and much more.

August 2019 Top

Issue 18 – August 2019
In this issue: how the US’s trade war with China is impacting medical devices, improving adult vaccination rates, the promise of 3D biopsies, the rise of CMR Surgical, and much more.

July 2019 Top

Issue 17 – July 2019
In this issue: the most influential innovations in the contact lens market, how illegally marketed devices are impacting industry, key ways to enhance sustainability, and much more.

June 2019 Top

Issue 16 – June 2019
In this issue: transparency concerns around device failure reporting, how start-ups can gain traction in the NHS market, the potential of breath diagnostics, and much more.

May 2019 Top

Issue 15 – May 2019
In this issue: monitoring blood pressure with smart wearables, improving bone remodelling, tackling the industry’s software problem, and much more.

Issue 14 – April 2019
In this issue: Easing the recovery process with VR, treating knee pain with the Calypso Knee System, automation in diagnostic lab operations, and much more.

Issue 13 – March 2019
In this issue: Beyond BMI, the evolution of exoskeletons, making robotic surgery safe, transforming cancer screening with blockchain, and much more.

Issue 12 – February 2019
In this issue: Detecting language problems in children, democratising patient data, aiding sepsis care, the future of MRI and more.

Issue 11 – January 2019
In this issue: 3D-printed anatomical models, robotic drug delivery, AI regulation, plus the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare experts.

November 2018 Top

Issue 10 – November 2018
In this issue: Transporting human organs for transplant, reprocessed single-use devices, regulating 3D printed devices, plus the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare experts.

September 2018 Top

Issue 8 – July 2018
In this issue: A disposable rapid diagnostics device for infections, machine learning in healthcare, wireless charing and communications for implants, Costa Rica’s medical devices sector, plus analysis from GlobalData.

July 2018 Top

Issue 8 – July 2018
In this issue: Complying with the EU Medical Device Regulation, machine learning in healthcare, Cyberdyne’s Hybrid Assistive Limb exoskeleton arrives in the US and optimising the healthcare pathway, plus the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare experts.

May 2018 Top

Issue 7 – May 2018
In this issue: The UK’s National Centre for Healthcare Photonics, concerns over the future of healthcare exports to the EU, a software tool that creates mixed reality 3D models from MRI and CT scans, and all the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare experts.

March 2018 Top

Issue 6 – March 2018
In this issue: A wireless charging breakthrough for implant treatments, molecular imaging for drug testing, gaining insights from data compliance, and all the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare experts.

January 2018 Top

Issue 5 – January 2018
In this issue: Innovations in cochlear implants, a new method to grow bone from stem cells, insights into early stage med tech funding, and all the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare experts.

September 2017 Top

Issue 4 – November 2017
In this issue: The world’s smallest surgical robot, designing medical devices for emerging markets, tackling drug adherence with connected technologies, and the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare team.

September 2017 Top

Issue 3 – September 2017
In this issue: Securing the future of the UK medical device sector after Brexit, artificial intelligence for brain scan analysis, voice recognition technology for clinical trials, plus the latest market insight and comment from GlobalData.

July 2017 Top

Issue 2 – July 2017
In this issue: Applications for wearable health trackers in clinical trials, eye implants for retinitis pigmentosa, a new business model for 3D printed prosthetics, and the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare analysts.

May 2017 Top

Issue 1 – May 2017
In this issue: the potential of 3D printing, new developments in robotic surgical devices, the benefits of frugal innovation and the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare analysts.


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