• Making electronic health records work

    Electronic health records are now part of everyday healthcare, but few would claim they have reached their full potential, and for doctors, they have added an extra layer of administrative...

  • The age of the autonomous pharmacy

    Omnicell UK recently launched its vision for the ‘Autonomous Pharmacy’, a future where medication is managed digitally in cloud-based, AI powered systems, freeing pharmacists from administrative tasks in order to...

  • September’s top news stories

    World-first cardio trial showed reduced wait times and hospital admissions and Orchestra gets CE-Mark for Moderato system to treat hypertension. wraps up key headlines from September 2019.

  • Destroying tumors with next generation ablation

    Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) can destroy solid tumours without the need for invasive surgery. At the forefront are NHS Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital spin-out company Ablatus Therapeutics who explain how...

  • Ready player one: booting up the prescription video game

    Akili Interactive is developing a range of ‘prescription video games’ that combine specialised algorithms with cutting-edge gaming tech to improve cognitive function in various patient groups with neurological disorders. How...


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