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About Us

Medicaldevice-network.com is your one stop for information on the medical device industry, covering everything along the supply chain from biomaterials and materials solutions to electronics, packaging, motors and motion control, outsourcing and more.

Through our international team of journalists, we cover diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, standards, treatment and technology – all you need as a professional in the medical industry to stay abreast of the latest developments in your field.

When you combine this with one of the most comprehensive and detailed listings of medical device equipment suppliers, products and services, free white paper downloads and company press releases, you can see why medicaldevice-network.com is the key point of reference for the industry.

Working with our sister publication, Hospital Management (hospitalmanagement.net), we provide regular updates through our newsletter – all the tools you need to carry out your daily role in the medical device and hospital industry.

Our team of search engine marketers are dedicated to continuously improving our clients’ web rankings. Our unique approach to marketing and established techniques have a long history of proven results across all major search engines.

Client profiles are continuously monitored to ensure that they are fully optimised and that traffic drawn to their profile is also being directed to their own websites.

We have an extensive skill base in three main areas of search engine optimisation:

  • An editorial team producing expert web optimised copy
  • An online marketing team monitoring the effectiveness of our clients’ profiles and working on link-building and other SEO techniques
  • A programming team creating highly optimised code

We have invested heavily in proving the direct value of our web-based services to our clients. All our websites use the industry-leading reporting software, Webtrends. Our clients automatically receive basic reports containing everything they need to measure the return on their marketing expenditure. In addition, we offer advanced reports for clients that are looking to find out more detailed information to help them with their own marketing activities.

Facilitating easy and efficient communication between suppliers and buyers along the supply chain lies at the core of our services. This is essentially underpinned by the quality of users we attract.

medicaldevice-network.com promotes itself solely to the diagnostics market. Our website users include senior decision makers with purchasing responsibility from around the world, including CEOs, heads of product design, senior packaging engineers, heads of research and development as well as directors of purchasing and quality control. Users are largely responsible for R&D, product design, engineering, production, manufacturing, quality control, regulatory affairs, packaging, purchasing and process engineering.

We capitalise on the high quality circulation of our sister publication, Medical Device Developments, by promoting our website to its readers, helping us generate the right kind of traffic for medicaldevice-network.com.

Companies choose medicaldevice-network.com to successfully locate the providers they require from one source, rather than searching thousands of corporate websites. This efficient resource also allows them to build reference material using a range of intelligence and the latest industry news.

The medicaldevice-network.com newsletters offer you highly targeted advertisement opportunities. They are 100% requested and delivered directly to the inbox of the leading decision makers in the airport sector on a daily and weekly basis.

In addition, regular subscription drives, combined with our rigorous data cleansing programme, ensure that our database continues to hold the latest information.

At medicaldevice-network.com, we realise the importance of measuring return on investment. With this in mind, the delivery system of the medicaldevice-network.com newsletter offers many advantages, including the ability to monitor readership figures as well as click-through rates.

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Through the years the website has improved constantly and it’s an important online portal for us to be present in the medical technology sector. The supervisors of Verdict keep us always up to date and are eager to attend us in the best possible way. Altogether, the service and the website of Verdict are great!

Content Marketing
Greiner Bio-One

We have been working with our account manager Mark and his team on the Medical Device Network website for over 10 years. We really appreciate their professionalism, their quick response time and constructive feedback. They are always proactive in assisting us with publishing and creating content and have very deep knowledge and understanding of the digital world of marketing.”

Head of Marketing Communications
Dividella AG

We have been working with Medical Device Network since 2013. During that time they have always been helpful and professional. We find their platform to be a useful way to promote NSF’s marketing collateral of whitepapers, videos and webinars to a wide population of leading pharma-biotech executives across the globe.

Senior Marketing Manager
NSF International

I am desperately looking for 5’TAMRA-LRRASLG. Would you happen to have this in your catalog or know who does. How long would synthesis take?

I wish to purchase some D-Lys6-LHRH (P- 0109). I have in the past purchased it from ******* but I will require larger quantities at a reasonable price. Could you let me know conditions of sale.

********** is an oncology CRO and until recently we have focused on phase I and II oncology and haematology trials in the UK. We are likely to be taking on a phase II trial in CLL and the sponsor (an American Biotech company) wish to work with 2 sites based in Poland. We are looking for a CRA to monitor these sites and act as a team member, working with the Project Manager who will be based in our office in Edinburgh, Scotland. Is this something you may be able to help us with?

We are looking for a truly certified manufacturer for a our new cosmetics line. In case of business, we mainly require all the technical data sheet and analytical documentations. If interested, kindly contact us.

Could you make us an approximate offer for the following project:

* 100mg purified protein (novel protein, structure information attached)
* protein characterization by sequencing
* expression in a eukaryotic system (baculoviral or yeast, not E. coli)